Event mission

Our world needs innovation in vaccine manufacturing

Making vaccines and therapeutic products for the world is a highly complex enterprise. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a great need for science and technology to quickly develop effective and affordable solutions.

For protein-based therapeutics and prophylactic agents, from DNA to product, poor manufacturability is one of the major bottlenecks that prevents great ideas from making it to the clinic and market.

ExcellGene aims to bring people together to discuss these bottlenecks and challenges: top scientists, thought leaders, regulatory experts, investors and political representatives, covering industry and academia.

On August  30th 2022, meet us in Lausanne, Switzerland for a one-day (free of cost!) symposium of talks, discussion and networking.

Let us reflect, learn, push for innovation and remove barriers, and thus pave the way for modern and efficient approaches in developing vaccines and therapeutics on a global scale.